5 Keys to Making Spirit-led Decisions

One question I’ve been getting a lot lately concerns making Spirit-led decisions: “How can I be sure I’m being Spirit-led?”  With so many voices speaking to us, “Was that God or was that me?” is a question that comes up often.  So here are 5 points to remember when trying to answer this nagging question.

First, you must be settled in your ability to be Spirit-led.  Being led by the Spirit of God is a matter of position, and your position as a son or daughter of God qualifies you to be led by Him Romans 8:14  The uncertainty of one’s position of sonship normally stems from a lack of intimacy and maturity in their relationship with the Lord.  So, spend more time with Him: prayer, study, meditation, etc.  Just like a baby gets more and more attached to its mother with each passing day after it is born, the more familiar you are with the Lord, the more confident you will be in your position as a son or daughter, and the more settled you will be in your ability to be Spirit-led.  You can start with these scriptures; they’re a few of my favs: Isaiah 30:21 , John 16:13 , Isaiah 58:11 .

Second, it is important to receive and rehearse what God has spoken. We can often be led off track by the other various voices- our reasoning and intellect, past experiences, opinions of others, and yes, the enemy.  With these voices speaking loudly to us, we can forget what the Lord previously said about the matter.  So, it is important to receive and rehearse what God has spoken.

Third, seek wise counsel.  Having people in your life who are mature in Christ and can see, pray and speak into what God sees in you, is so important.  You don’t need many, but they should be committed to your growth in the Lord.  In addition to providing someone to be accountable to, these important people can also serve as your “advisory council”.   As a matter of fact, the Bible speaks about the importance of seeking counsel and calls it safe and wise ( Proverbs 11:14 , Proverbs 12:15 ).  So, if you don’t have your “advisory council” yet, ask the Lord to lead you in selecting the members, and seek their prayers and their counsel when making decisions.

The fourth key: dismiss the naysayers, and I’m not just talking about people.  Fear, procrastination, doubt…these are naysayers too, and when they enter the decision-making process, they can lead you straight into the desert land of indecision where blessings will not flow.  The only antidote to these naysayers is trust in the Lord Proverbs 29:25 .   So, build up your trust by remembering His past faithfulness, meditating on scriptures that reinforce your trust (ex. Jeremiah 17:7-8 , Psalm 56:3-4 , Psalm 55:22  ), and making the first move on your decision.  The longer you allow the naysayers to hang around, the harder it will be to move.

The fifth key is to abide in the Peace of God.  Peace is the still, firm confidence in the person of God that supersedes all things that come up against it.  The way that it manifests in us is a supernatural sense of calm and rest, even when circumstances say we should freak out.  When making a spirit-led decision, this sense of calm should be what you experience.  If you’re not sure what that feels like, try to remember a time when you felt peace.  The way to cultivate the Peace of God in your life is to practice His presence.  A lifestyle of prayer, fasting and meditation on His Word will familiarize you with His presence, where His peace can always be found.  When you experience this Peace when making decisions, it is a good indicator that you have made a Spirit-led decision.

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