Abundant Life…It’s All in the REST

My intention today was to pick up where I left off and share a little more about the rest God has reserved for us, but I have to share this first…

How many times have you heard that Christ came not just to give us life, but life more abundantly?  If you’ve attended a church for any length of time, you’ve probably heard it way too many times to count, and it’s probably one of those catch-phrases that you yourself use even though you may not know where to find it in the Bible.  Well, it is definitely scriptural (John 10:10) but often misunderstood.  If you are like most, including me, when the preacher said this phrase, your mind immediately went to having better things and circumstances: better (more-than-enough) finances, better home, better job, even better relationships.  I heard this phrase just this afternoon, but when I heard it, the Holy Spirit said something to me that I had to write down:

“Physical abundance is what excites most when they hear this, but nothing is more perfect and should be more desirable than Me.  If you seek spiritual abundance first you will find Me.  For I am the place from where all blessings flow…in abundance.”

Wow!  What a revelation and confirmation of what we’ve been talking about!  So, He came not just so we can be saved and can be called Believers or Christians- life.  He came so that we can be called sons/daughters- abundant life (Romans 8:14).  Here’s another way to say it: He came not just so we can have life, deliverance from eternal death and the assurance of going to heaven.  He came so that He, the Holy Spirit, could live in and become one with us (our spirit) and lead us (John 16:7). This fellowship and our willingness to rest and be led by Him is where the abundance comes from!  If we would daily make ourselves available to rest in His plan and guidance for us, we can be assured the abundant life…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else needed will be added (paraphrasing Matthew 6:33).

As we’ve talked about before, even though the world’s system is flawed and continues to fail us in our finances, families, marriages, parenting, etc, seeking the kingdom of God and resting in it is challenging because it is peculiar and uncomfortable.  I can remember a few years ago when my husband and I needed to refinance our home, but we were $10,000 short on making the transaction happen.  A few days before the deal fell through, my husband told me that the Spirit told him to sow/give his entire paycheck to the ministry we were attending.  Sounds crazy…peculiar, doesn’t it?!  We already didn’t have enough to cover the bills and other necessities! The world’s way of handling that situation is certainly not to give all you have, and my heart and my stomach felt like they literally switched places.  After I took a deep breath from the emotions of what he was saying, I allowed myself to hear the Spirit, and that next Sunday he gave his entire paycheck.  Less than 48 hours later we got an unexpected phone call and received the $10,000 we needed…to the penny!  That’s abundant life!!!

Instead of daydreaming about abundant life, we can live it daily by choosing His rest.  I’ll plan to talk more about that rest next time, but until then, I pray this has blessed you like it did me.  My prayer for all of us…Thessalonians 4:1.

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