Fear of Not Hearing God…Not Anymore!

I’ve experienced several miracles in my life.  This year is the 10th anniversary of one that literally saved my life.  On my drive home from work, I was hit head on by an SUV that was going 60 mph.  Broken neck, fractured skull, lacerated liver, and severely broken legs were among my injuries.  I often spend time reflecting on my lengthy recovery process and thank God for His faithfulness that has simply overwhelmed me.  I could probably write a book about the process and how good God has been, but my time of reflection has certainly cemented my resolve to live this life He spared in His will (1 Corinthians 7:17).

My Freedom journey has taught me that this can only be accomplished by being Spirit-led in every area of my life.  We’ve talked about how crucial commitment is to a believer who desires to live the way God intended, but I must admit that it was scary for me.  What if I don’t want to hear what He has to say?  Or worse yet, what if I don’t hear Him?  Yes, these are real fears…which I am determined to help you kick to the curb.  I am fully aware that as a child of God, He didn’t give them to me…or you (2 Timothy 1:7).  That being said, I also know that I won’t be able to break free on my own will power (Psalm 34:4).  After all, this is “Freedom by the Word”.  So, I went to work and found the Word to deliver me.  If these fears resonate with you, or if you’re dealing with fears in other areas of your walk with God, I know the Word will deliver you, too.
First, I was comforted to know that my situation was not one that God did not anticipate.  It is described in Isaiah 50:10.  He knows that we love Him, reverence Him, and desire to obey His voice, but He anticipated that we may sometimes feel lost and without His presence. His answer to the problem is for us to keep trusting Him and relying on Him more.
This brings me to the next very important point.  He told us to seek Him (Psalm 27:8, Luke 11:9)!  This is so important and is something that we must do consistently, developing a lifestyle of prayer!  If He is a God that can not lie (which He is) and He is telling us to seek Him, then why would He tell us to seek Him if we could not find Him?  He loves us, and answering us when we seek Him is one way that He demonstrates His love (Proverbs 8:17)!  Continually rehearsing and living the lie of a silent, unreachable God, especially when we know the Word that is the Truth, is like a slap in His face.
So, this means the problem is not that God isn’t speaking; the issue is us.  The theme that I continued to see throughout the scriptures as I searched for fear-busting Word was the condition of the heart when we are seeking to hear from God (Jeremiah 29:13).  We even see it in some of the scriptures we already referenced.  Go back and look at them: diligently, earnestly…themes of discipline, consistency, and necessity.  These all point to a heart that is keenly aware of how vital His voice is and desires it above all else, not as a religious requirement or routine obligation, but as a matter of love and of spiritual, and sometimes physical, survival.
When thinking about how we are seeking Him, let’s remember that God is never far from us.  We tend to look up, look down, or close our eyes when we pray.  Nothing is intrinsically wrong with those postures, but sometimes I think it causes us to forget that He is in us.  We just need to practice a purposely heightened awareness of His presence, always expecting to feel His presence and hear His guidance.  For me, starting my day with that declaration helps: “I am keenly aware of You and thank You for Your presence in me today.  I expect to feel and hear You and acknowledge and submit to Your authority in every decision I will make today.”
Knowing how you hear from God is also important.  God speaks to us in different ways.  We know that He speaks through His written word and through other believers.  However, in addition to these, He speaks to some through visions, others through dreams.  Often He speaks with a small voice, his Spirit, that’s heard on the inside, and other times He speaks through music.  That “feeling” that you got that you should or shouldn’t do something…that very well could have been Him through your conscience.  For me, I realized that I hear His Spirit quite clearly after I have engaged in a period of personal worship unto Him.  Though not as common for most, I’ve even heard Him speak audibly!  Taking the time to discover how and when God speaks to you will give you more confidence to seek Him in prayer.
That leaves me with two more scriptures that the Lord showed me that will now be my meditation and confession pertaining to me hearing from God:
You are my God; You will teach me to profit and lead me in the way I should go.  I will take the time to listen and obey.  Then my peace, prosperity, and success in all areas of my life will be abundant and flowing, giving life to those I touch, and my endeavor to live in right-standing with You will be effective and constant.
I will live this life at ease, without fear or worry, because I have sought and received Your guidance.

Now this is what Freedom by the Word is all about!!

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