Response to the Cross

Resurrection Sunday, what a wonderful time to commemorate and celebrate our Savior and His sacrifice for us!  Your Easter services were probably painted with visions of the Passion and the empty tomb Christ left upon His triumphant resurrection.  It truly is a wonderful time for believers all over the world.  For me, I experience feelings of humility, gratitude, victory, empowerment and love, to name a few.  But above everything else, the reason for His greatest of all sacrifices is put squarely into focus- Relationship.  He did it all just so that He could once again experience unhindered, personal relationship with the creation of His hands.  That He would love me and want so desperately to be able to be with me, look upon me, fellowship with me one-on-one, and call me His, even with all of my many faults…that more than deserves celebration.  It requires a response.

Read Psalm 119:1-8 

At first, reading these verses, especially the first few, can seem pretty impossible.  After all, no one is “blameless”.  Don’t get discouraged.  The response shown here is not perfection; the response is the commitment to pursue it.  For the joy that was set before Him – a restored, personal, intimate relationship with you, me, and all mankind -, Christ endured the cross ( Hebrews 12:2 ).  So, if our desire is to reciprocate His desire for relationship, we too must find joy in what is set before us, which is to live purposely according to His will.  The writer begins by acknowledging that diligently conducting his life in such a way will cause him to be blessed, happy and favored by God, but he also acknowledges that he will at times falter in his efforts.  In spite of this, he purposes in his heart and proclaims that he will submit to the Word of the Lord and His leading, he will gladly accept teaching and correction when needed, and will ultimately follow the Lord’s will for his life.

This commitment to fully surrender to God’s will for us is the required response to the cross and is a very powerful entity.  However, many have allowed shame, inadequacy, self-reliance, works-based religion, and more to keep them from moving beyond the cross into the joy that Christ pursued as He hung there.  Can you imagine what would happen if you and every believer would shake off the notion of works-based religion, where what you do determines your level of righteousness, and instead responded to God by setting their hearts to pursuing God’s will for them as described in Psalm 119?  My God!  We would all know and function in our assignments!  We would not be afraid or ashamed to move when He says move!  The enemy would tremble when we opened our mouths because the Word and the will of the Lord would come pouring out like a flood!  There would be revival!!!

If you haven’t made this response to Jesus’s loving sacrifice, it is not too late.  Make a quality heart decision that just as He gave His life for you, you will purposely, diligently, and consistently live your life according to His will, allowing Him to orchestrate your life.

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