Stop Gambling and Listen

So, if you read my last post, you may be wondering, “What is this rest you keep mentioning?”  I’m so glad you asked!  Over the past several months, God has really been teaching me about the lifestyle He designed for me, His daughter, versus the one I’ve been living.  First, let me paint a picture of what I was doing:  I had a big decision to make regarding employment, but I was unsure which path to choose.  So, in my natural wisdom, I decided to put my feelers out in each direction and pray that God will lead me to the right one.  Does this sound familiar to you?  I mean, this is almost like gambling…placing multiple bets because you’re unsure which is the right way, or setting multiple mouse traps in the hopes one of them will catch the mouse!  In my jobless circumstance, my natural instinct was to put in multiple applications everywhere I could and hope and pray God would lead me to the right potential employer.  My way may not seem bad, and in and of itself, it’s not.  It is important to apply for jobs when seeking a job.  The problem came when God told me to wait and go a certain way, but I was too busy gambling to pay attention, obey, or even ask Him for direction in the first place.

In the world, gambling is considered a risky behavior and is somewhat frowned upon when it becomes a habit.  However, many Believers practice gambling with their very destiny when they decide that their way is less risky than waiting and listening for God’s instruction.  What they are really saying is that their way is more comfortable because it is more tangible.  As beings trained from birth to be dependent on our 5 senses, we tend to be more comfortable with what we can see, feel, and comprehend with our understanding.  Then there’s that old saying, “Doing something is better than nothing.”  You see, for me, I had to feel like I was doing something, but all He wanted was for me to let Him do everything!  When I heard Him tell me that I didn’t really trust Him, that was truly a wake-up call!  “Nothing” is necessary because He has already done EVERYTHING!  All that’s required of you and me is trust.  We have to trust Him, but it’s pretty hard to trust someone to that degree…with everything… without an intimate relationship.

So here is the bottom line.  Rest is something that God has promised every Believer here on earth; a manner of life where He has taken care of everything and all He requires of us to access it is to trust and obey Him (Hebrews 3:18-4:1).  However, resting is a major lifestyle change for many Believers, and before we can get there, we must first practice intimate relationship with God.  Don’t worry; it’s not complicated.  Take the time, daily…consistently, to pray, but not just to unload your needs and desires.  Ask God what He desires for you and from you…and LISTEN.  There needs to be a quiet period of time where you are denying the physical and soul-ish parts of yourself and focusing your spirit on what the Spirit, who is in you, is saying to you.  In other words, God desires to lead you through life, not for you to stumble, trip, and accidentally land in your purpose or destiny. Resting in Him as He leads is the way He has always intended His sons and daughters to live (Hebrews 8:14).  And since this is how He designed it and what He desires, what makes us think He won’t do it?  So, as we prepare to take this leap into the lifestyle of rest, let us first commit ourselves to daily trusting Him to speak to us.  I’m tired of missing the mark.  I don’t want to guess or gamble anymore.  I’m a daughter of God, and I want to be led by Him!  What about you?

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