Yes, Trusting God Works!

I believe I shared with you before that I lost my job last April, and I’m sure you can understand what kind of pressure than can put on one’s finances and the ability to keep up with bills and other obligations.  I was told by legal professionals to prepare for the probable worst in order to protect what I had, and I was tempted by my fleshly instincts to do just that.  However, doing that went against everything that God has been saying…REST!  So, I decided to trust God.  Well, in the face of a potential financial disaster for me and my family, God literally wiped the slate clean, taking my debt from thousands to zero!  I didn’t even have to speak for myself; God did it all!!!!

As one who tends to keep personal things to themselves, I’m sharing this not to brag, but to encourage us.  There are a few things I learned from this experience that I want to pass on.
  1. You need a Word:  It is not enough to have faith that God is God and He is able.  He responds to faith in His Word.  Think about the children of Israel.  They knew who God was. As a matter of fact, the account of who He was and all He had done was passed down from generation to generation.  However, when Moses led them from bondage in Egypt, it was their lack of trust in His word that He would take care of them and lead them to the promise land that hurt God the most, causing that generation to die in the wilderness without reaching the promise.  Besides, trying to separate God from His Word is simply impossible, for they are one and the same (John 1:1).  So, we must find a Word pertaining to our situation and have faith in it! For me and this particular situation, it was 2 Peter 1:2-11…and it will work for just about any situation!
  2. Don’t Abort with Disobedience:  Having the Word is of no consequence if we choose not to honor it with our obedience.  In our disobedience, we are essentially saying, “I hear what you’re saying, God, but I don’t trust you. So, I’m going to do it my way.”  I can’t tell you exactly what would have happened if I had acted in fear and did what the professionals had suggested instead of trusting God, but I can tell you that I would have not been in position to receive His favor, and the victory would have therefore been aborted.
  3. Guard your gates:  Once you have the Word, the enemy’s job is to try to steal it (John 10:10).  So, it’s our job to be ready by keeping it in our mouth, our ears, and before our eyes.  Read it, listen to it, speak it, and keep doing it until it becomes a part of your language and anything not like it becomes easily recognizable and marked for dismissal.  Be mindful of what you read, what you watch on TV, who you talk to about the situation.  All of this may sound excessive, but what we are doing is protecting our spirit from enemy invasion.  Remember, what we are trying to do is believe God and His Word fully, without doubt.  Whenever I began to think about the problem and got anxious about the risk of losing it all, I went back to the Word and started reading it aloud…when I woke up, while I was eating, after the rattling news from the financial professionals, before I went to sleep.  The enemy is trying to plant seeds of doubt so that we become distracted and tempted to cease from our Resting and into self-works.  So, be on your guard!
  4. Recruit Like-minded Troops:  Have you ever seen those animal shows on TV where they show how some animals hunt for food, like lions or wolves?  When selecting their prey, they look for the weakest and the most isolated animals.  So, those that are lagging behind their herd or are off by themselves are more likely to get captured and devoured.  It is the same for us.  We are easy prey to the enemy when we isolate ourselves.  For this very reason, God encourages us to stick together (Hebrews 10:25).  So, recruit help…people you can trust who believe what you believe and challenge you to be free in Christ.  You don’t need many; Jesus had three- Peter, James, and John- that He kept close and called upon to pray with Him during those pivotal moments in His life (ex. in the garden of Gethsemane about to be betrayed and crucified).  If you feel like you have no one, you have me!  Contact me and I’ll be glad to stand with you.
  5.  Have a Genuine Praise:  Now, I’m going to say this: if you were diligent in the first 3, this will come automatically.  By the time it was time for me to face the situation, I was so focused and spiritually full from meditating on the Word, I could barely contain my praise!  Before I went to face the situation, I was already praising God for being mighty in it, not as a form of religious routine or an emotional gimmick.  I praised Him with everything I had!  I just knew He had already caused all grace/favor and peace to be mine.  A genuine praise indicates agreement with His Word, trust in the Giver of the Word, and an expectation that the Word will work.
  6. Don’t Hit Cruise Control:  The danger in becoming complacent simply can not be understated.  While riding on the fumes of a past victory, the enemy is busy launching attacks in other areas where he can create doubt, anxiety, and fear.  These attacks often come in areas of our lives other than the one in which we just received victory.  So we have to stay armed with the Word, guard our gates, encourage each other and praise Him genuinely.

Truly experiencing Freedom by the Word is totally real and accessible.  Resting works!  The Word works!  Trusting God works!

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